Chia Milk with Dried Rose Petals

The first time I tried this drink was at our friends place when they invited us for dinner, they are from the beautiful coastal Malabar region of Kerala in India and their delicious cuisine is famous for Biryani and our friend she made the most delicious tasting biryani ever! we went for not just two but three servings :) As a drink she served us this simple but very refreshing drink made with milk, sugar, chia seeds and vanilla essence. I loved the simplicity of the drink and how flavoursome it was.

Chia Milk with dried rose petals

So keeping in mind this Christmas season, there will be few of our friends who wouldn't drink alcohol so this would be perfect for them, also as a refreshing drink any time really! For those who like to enjoy a glass of milk, this ones with a twist. 

I added dried rose petals, for an extra zing you can omit it, but would give a subtle, beautiful flavour to it. I have used Organic Coconut nectar sugar which is a healthier option compared to refined sugar, it tastes just as delicious.  

Chia Milk with dried rose petals

I am an ambassador for Buy Wholefoods Online  They are an online health food supplier based in Minster, Ramsgate, North East Kent, they have a wide array of organic, wholesome products and they deliver all over the UK and Europe. By using my affiliate link you can get a special discount. The Organic Coconut Nectar Sugar and Dried Rose petals are available on their website.

With most of the ingredients already there in most of the kitchens, it takes hardly few mins to put it together and serve chilled or room temperature, tastes great any how. 

Chia Milk with dried rose petals

I really hope you enjoy it and find it refreshing as much as I did :) Let me know if you tried my recipe, please feel free to tag me and use my hashtag #soulfulandhealthy on your lovely creations, so I don't miss them.

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Enjoy your festivities!️

Warm hugs


  Chia Milk with Dried Rose Petals
Chia Milk with Dried Rose Petals
Prep Time: Under 10 mins
Servings: Makes 2 glasses or 4 shot glasses
    1. Mix all of the ingredients well, use a wire whisk so that it is well combined. Serve right away. Enjoy! 



    Disclaimer - I get a small commission when you purchase through my link at Buywholefoodsonline with no extra cost to you. I would request and really appreciate it if you would use my link while making any purchase from their website. Thank you very much! 

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